VisAbility™ Micro-Insert System
An Investigational Procedure

VisAbility™ Micro-Insert System is an investigational procedure that offers a new approach to correcting presbyopia. It is the first treatment in the world designed for use in both eyes to improve near vision and reduce or eliminate your need for reading glasses, so you can See Young Again.

The only surgical treatment that is designed to:


    Provide a full range of focus

    VisAbility restores your natural ability to focus at near and intermediate distances.


    Preserve your distance vision

    VisAbility does not compromise your ability to see in the distance.


    Maintain cornea and lens integrity

    VisAbility works outside the visual axis and does not interfere with future vision procedures. VisAbility is not associated with infection, swelling, thinning, or inflammation of the cornea.


    Avoid common visual side effects

    VisAbility is not associated with blurred vision, decline in contrast sensitivity, problems with night vision, double vision, ghost images, glare, halos, and color disturbances.

Do you want to restore your vision to a more youthful state and live your life without the hassle of reading glasses?